We compiled a list of what many of our customers have asked us. We hope that you find this helpful, and if there is a question you have that you do not see, please don't hesitate to call or email us!

Q. Does the price on your website include the setup and pick-up of the chair covers?

A. Yes, our price includes full set up and pick up service of the chair covers and sashes.

Q. How do we arrange what time you set up the chair covers at our event venue?

A. We take care of arranging set up and take down times for all chair covers, and have worked with many venues in the past. This is one less thing for you to worry about while planning your special event or wedding!

Q. Are your chair covers and sashes going to be free of wrinkles when they are set up?

A. We press and steam our sashes and chair covers before they are delivered and set up. Every chair cover is inspected and laundered after every event.

Q. Are the chair covers folded when they are stored, and how are they delivered to the event?

A. Our standard polyester and folding chair covers are stored on individual hangers, and are also transported to events on individual hangers. The only chair covers that we fold are the spandex covers, as they do not wrinkle during storage or transport.

Q. I know its usually extra if you don't choose a "standard" color. How much extra is it if I pick a unique color or a non standard color?

A. We offer as many as 27 different color sashes for you to choose from at no extra charge! We never charge a premium for any of our listed colors, and want you to be happy with your choice! If you require a color that is not shown on our website, we do have the ability to order in unique colors for a nominal fee.

Q. What if I want to just dress up the chairs, but do not want a sash?

A. Although a sash adds a beautiful finish to the chair covers, we do rent just the chair covers for a slightly lesser charge.

Q. If I only need a sash, and not chair covers, will you rent just the sash?

A. We only rent out the sash and chair cover as a package, and do not rent just the sash.

Q. Can I set up a time to meet and see the chair covers and sash selections?

A. Although many of our customers are confident making their selections from the website, we do set up appointments to allow you to see the covers and sashes. We have sample books for every sash we offer for you to browse through.

Q. Where can I meet you to come and see the sash selections and chair covers?

A. In most cases, we meet with our customers at the location where they are holding their event. By meeting at the event venue, you are able to see our covers and sashes on the actual chairs they are going to be used on.

Q. How do I know if your chair covers will fit the chairs where I am holding my event?

A. We have worked with numerous venues, and know what type of chairs they use. If we have not done a set up where you are holding your event, we will go to the venue and make sure our covers fit the chairs properly.

Q. What is the material of your chair covers like?

A. We use a high quality wrinkle resistant material for our chair covers. We did a lot of research, and sampled many different chair covers before we chose to purchase our inventory. We often receive comments on the noticable quality of our chair covers when compared to others on the market.

Q. I do not currently live in the Rochester area, but am getting married in Rochester. How do I book the event?

A. Not to worry, as we work with many customers who do not currently live in the area. We have all forms available in pdf format, and can email them to you to complete and return to us. We also have photos of all of our sash choices and chair covers on our website, and many customers make their selections after browsing the photos online.

Q. What do I have to do as far as payment to book the date?

A. To book the date, we ask for 50% of your estimated total guest count. The balance will be due one week before the event date.

Q. I am not sure what my final count is because I have not received my rsvp's yet. If I end up needing less then my estimated count, will I have to pay for the extras?

A. No, you will not have to pay for un-needed chair covers because you estimated high. We will adjust your invoice to reflect your final count after you receive your rsvp's.

Q. When do you typically require final counts for my event?

A. We ask that you get your final count to us no later than 3 weeks before the event. We typically have more than one event in a weekend, and if we need to purchase additional inventory to fulfill your order, we need reasonable time to do so.

Q. I was thinking of getting chair covers online and setting them up myself. Why should I rent them from Flower Chair Covers?

A. Most people do not realize the work involved in setting a room up with chair covers. When planning your event, the last thing you will want to worry about is setting up chair covers. The chair covers and sashes do not arrive pressed, and will each individually need to be pressed and steamed. You will have to worry about who's putting them on, how you will transport them to prevent wrinkles, and when you will take them down. Considering what is involved, it is well worth renting them from Flower Chair Covers!